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The Personal Files of Nathaniel Essex

A glimpse into the limitless potential of the human genome

Nathaniel Essex
5 March 1984
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Mister Sinister
Real Name: Nathaniel Essex
Aliases: Dr. Milbury, Arnold Bocklin, The Pale Man, many others
Age: 172 (born 1836)

Superhuman Powers:
Sinister's body is composed of a psionically bonded matrix of semi-autonomous cells, giving him the following powers.

* Superhuman Strength: Sinister can lift approximately 10 tons.
* Near-Invulnerability: Sinister is immune to a wide variety of physical attacks.
* Regeneration: Sinister is capable of regenerating from the destruction of large amounts of his bodily mass in mere moments. His aging process is also completely halted. He can also use his powers at full levels for a considerable length of time before tiring.
* Shapeshifting: Sinister possesses shapeshifting capabilities, allowing him to assume the forms of others if he so desires. He can also reduce himself into a semi-liquid form and otherwise rearrange his cells as needed.

In addition to the physical properties of his cells, Sinister has the following psionically-based powers.

* Telepathy: Sinister is a very powerful mutant telepath, with all of the abilities typically associated with high-level telepaths.
* Concussive Blasts: Sinister has the ability to employ powerful concussive blasts against his enemies if needed.

In addition to his natural abilities, Sinister also generally carries a teleportation beacon which enables him to return to his central base of operations at any time, as well as means to disable the superhuman powers of individuals threatening him.

More is coming ...